Google PPC and Affiliate advertisement

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google adsense Google currently has products in advertising with the form Pay Per Click (PPC) and Affiliate. Google Adsense that can earn money when the ad is clicked and Google Affiliate Network (GAN) which will provide commissions to publishers when anyone buy products offered through the ads. You can get GAN with Adsense account, but if you do not have both….. then start making Adsense account.

Which is more profitable? PPC or affiliate style?

GAN - Google Affiliate Network

Money earned from the PPC is much smaller than the affiliate, but very rarely someone buy a product with the reference from website or blog although you can get more. Somebody likes the PPC and the other like an affiliate. I’m out of luck using an affiliate system. But could online come from Linkworth affiliate earnings. Very contradictory…..

Want to read other sources of information about this? Try to read some article based on Google search results with keywords “adsense affiliate”.

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