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There are 3 version of Google Apps. Lowest version you can use free of charge but only for personal use and small teams.

First I thought, to use Google Apps are not free. Until my blog ( was hit by hacker attacks and virus infections that just happened, made me interested to try out Google Apps. Actually there is no direct correlation between them, just my curiosity started since then.

Google Apps - Standard - Free

What you can get from Standard (free) version

  • 10 users for maximum
  • 10 GB of data storage (Email inbox size)
  • Email, calendar, docs and team sites
  • Self-service online support (not customer support service)

What the cool things of Google Apps?
especially for me who are beginners, this feels very well ….. 

Google Apps features the most interesting to me is Email and Docs with 10 GB of data. In addition you can connect your own domain with Google Apps so it seems you do not use Google but otherwise. Look at the picture below.

Google Apps - mail login

If you normally log into GMail wrote URL: and your email address, then now it is different. You can log in with URL: and your email address, but equally towards Gmail’s servers. Then see the logo, you can personalize it so that look very different with GMail. Cool is not it?

Some people would have to ask, you can create an email according to the hosting server base on own domain, why use Google?
I am very sure that my hosting server is not as good using Google’s servers, I hope to get improved performance by utilizing this.

Connecting your domain with Google Apps
To be prepared is the login and password into domain Control Panel (cPanel). If you have a website (hosting), can be used as an alternative verification. You can ask your webmaster for this process. The steps to be performed are:

  1. Google Apps registration
  2. Domain owner verification
  3. Edit multiple entries in domain control panel
  4. Personalize your Google Apps
  5. Create your custom email address

When you log in, you will see something similar with GMail but there is little difference in the address, logo, and others related to your custom domain.

Read more about Google Apps – GMail

I think you will did it by following the guidelines of Google.


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