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Turns out a lot of my Facebook friends interested in Panorama photo that I took using Google Camera application.

Google Camera initially is not supported on my mobile phone that I used, Xiaomi Redmi 3G Note. But first I have try this camera app with my Motorola Moto G. Initially I felt unremarkable and nothing special, except for the simple appearance.

Google Camera Panorama mode


A few days ago I discovered that my phone has been supported and can install the application. Then try variety of photo capture modes, until finally interested in Photo Sphere mode. With Photo Sphere mode, you can take Panorama photo in horizontal and vertical direction and it’s like arrange puzzle. Yes, it’s like photo collage in real-time.

Google Camera Photo Sphere mode

Google Camera features

  • Simple Interface – Capture photos and video quickly with Google Camera’s simple and intuitive interface
  • Lens Blur – Manipulate the camera’s depth of field using Lens Blur to focus on the subject in the foreground and blur the background; great for portraits and selfies
  • Photo Stitching – Create amazing 360° Photo Sphere, panoramas, wide angle and fisheye image captures with Google’s photo stitching technology developed for Google Maps
  • Video – Shoot video and simultaneously capture stills just by tapping on the screen
    Android Wear – Control the camera from a distance
  • HDR+ – Use the HDR+ (High Dynamic Range) setting to improve images captured in low light, and backlit scenes (only available on Nexus 5 and Nexus 6)

More about Google Camera

Google Camera

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