Google Custom Search with thumbnail on your blog

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Google Custom Search presents the search results by adding a thumbnail image. It adds interesting results are presented.

I think you would agree with me that the search results that contain image (it looks like the picture above) will be more interesting than the usual presentation of search results that were text. Installation is quite easy. You can also make a special page for the search results so that the search results are on your blog.

Google Custom Search - search result with thumbnail image

How to add Google Custom Search on your blog?

First, make a special page for the search results. You can get the way of how to make special page and download sample special page from article Simple table of contents, it doesn’t need any plugins.

Second, visit Google CSE website then create a custom search engine. On Sites to search section, fill in the URL of your website where Custom Search Engine is used. Here you can also fill in URL of other websites so that search results are becoming more widespread, not just search on the website of Custom Search Engine that is used.

Google Custom Search   Google Custom Search

Third, activate thumbnail in search result. Go to Look and Feel menu. On the Style section, select one and then click Customize, like 2 pictures above. There you will find 4 tabs Customize menu, go to the Results menu. At the bottom choice, fill in the check for Show Automatic Thumbnails (like the picture below).

Google Custom Search - result personalize
After the above steps, you will see the thumbnails on the results of searches conducted.

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