Google Earth + Google SketchUp: if I were a housing developer

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Google SketchUp - 3D model of houseI have aspirations to become a housing developer or marketer after learning the both ability of this software, Google SketchUp and Google Earth.

With Google SketchUp you can draw a house that was developed in 3D model. Google Earth could help in terms of promotion so the buyer will look at home position in accordance with reality.

Look at the steps below to make it.

The first to be prepared are a three-dimensional drawing model of house built using Google SketchUp. Make good design so that attract buyers. Remember to turn on Georeferencing in Google SketchUp 3D models, and set the desired geographic location (in this case area of housing development).

Google SketchUp - georeferencing

On the latitude and longitude, get the value from Google Earth. That changed by selecting Set Custom Location. The value is obtained by directing Google Earth to the location of housing development (according to location planning). To consider in the use of latitude and longitude are the same units as used in Google SketchUp.

Google Earth - longitude and latitude

Google SketchUp - georeferencing - custom locationInput the latitude and longitude values obtained from Google Earth on the menu Set Custom Location in Google SketchUp.

Save the model, and then export the model into 3D models. Use the Google Earth file format (.kmz).

Then open Google Earth.

Google SketchUp - export - 3D model

Did the addition of model in Google Earth and select model from Google SketchUp results of the previous process. Fill a variety of information required related to the model were added.

Google Earth - add model

Google Earth - add model description

Look at the results….. a 3D model on Google Earth, according to actual conditions. Adjust the angle of view so it looks clear and nice.

Google Earth view - Google sketchup

Indonesian version article: Memanfaatkan Google SketchUp dan Google Earth untuk memasarkan properti.

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