GMail (Google Mail) unique feature

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You know GMail have few features that others have not, even though it will help our job.

Example, it can send email with other email account address, so the acceptence guest other person who are the sender. Then it can be a web email client like Thunderbird or Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail but running online. Because of that you will check just in one account but directly check the other account.

How could be?

GMail (Google Mail) unique feature

We start from the setting menu.
Find Account and Import (Indonesian language: Akun dan Impor) at Setting.

The first option are used for import email and contact from other email account, such as Yahoo Mail, that support POP3… so that your email account contact will be the same with other.

The second part are used for set if you want to send email with other account name that we have. From the picture upper that informs that I set to use my primary email, vmancer at, that will can be use to send email as vmancer at for example, and as others account, but the reply will accepted at default.

The third… you can use GMail like email client software for other email account but working web based. You automatically receive email from other email account when you login to GMail.

So … like me know…  I send email from Gmail but my friend think he receive email from my Yahoo Mail. When I login at GMail, it automatically check my other inbox if there is email and deliver it directly to my default email account.

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