Google Maps Engine: the subtitute of Google Maps – My Places

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Google Maps – My Places on Android now can be replaced by other applications with Google Maps Engine. First I can say, I were delighted.

On my post before, Google Maps – My Places, I am very sad because my work will interrupted due to the My Places on Google Maps on Android can not be accessed anymore with the new Google Maps application. I can not use the navigation sourced from many locations that are stored properly.

A few days ago I found the application Google Maps Engine that’s from various sources say that with this application My Places can be accessed properly. Google Maps Engine can be accessed through desktop computer and smartphone applications. Below are the screenshot from desktop computer. Click the Classic My Maps to see your stored places.

Google Maps Engine

To use this Google Maps Engine on your Android smartphone, please install the app first.
Afterthat, run the app and see on the right corner part shown by the red arrows (picture below). Slide to the right until you can find the map you’ve made before.

Google Maps Engine

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