Google Maps Labs – distance measurement tool

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Now you can know the distance from a point location to another spot on Google Maps (GMaps). This can be done with the development of Distance Measurement Tool features which can be found at Google Labs.

google maps labFirst, activate (enable) Distance Measurement Tool from the Labs. Labs is collections of Google products that currently in development. Tools that developed at the Labs was made to optimize other Google products, one of which makes GMaps perform better.

google maps labs - distance measurement tool

google maps - ruler and scalePreviously, distance and area measurement feature can be found on Google Earth. After this feature is active, the shortcut will be found on the bottom left of the map. Next to a description of the scale.

google maps - distance measurement toolTo use this feature, click the shortcut. Will look like the picture beside on the left sidebar. You can choose to use Metric or English units system on the measurement results.

google maps - find distance between 2 pointAfter that, click on a location and drag the pointer to the location you want to measure distance on the map.

See the results on the left sidebar. To be more accurate, combined with the use of zoom.

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