Internet social network Tutorial 1 Response

You can make Google Plus Badge easily with Google Developers tool. Of course it’s also easy to be customized.

Google Plus is social network that developed by Google. The development is very fast and it is claimed to exceed the growth of Facebook. If you already have a Google account, then it can easily get access to Google Plus with visit page

I think Google Plus is similar to Facebook. At Google Plus there are also many features available on Facebook. Both have share button which allows us to share interesting things found on various web pages, and badge which function to marking our ownership and also as an introduction to Google Plus profile.

In this article will discuss how to create Google Plus badge (show on first picture) and how to customize it with Google Developers tools.

Google Plus Badge - Google Developers

First of all, you must have a G+ account. Then visit Google Developer – Badge page.
There you input the serial number of your Google Plus profile ID as shown in the figure below.
If the profile ID number entered  is correct, you will see posts Looks good! next to them.

Now to customize the badge…..

Underneath, you can set the display of the badge, are only in the form of small icon or large badge with profile photos of your followers. Then you can set how large icon view.

Google Plus Badge - Google Developers

After you make customization, than grab the code…..
There are two codes that must be taken.
First code should be placed in <head> tag section to verify if you are the owner of website.
Second code placed where you want the Google Plus Badge to show.
If you using this code on Blogger, maybe it need to be parse first.

Google Plus Badge - Google Developers


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