Google SketchUp Tutorial: 2 ways to copy object

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There are two ways to duplicate objects in Google SketchUp.

The first is using the Windows standard copy – paste command on Google SketchUp by pressing the Ctrl + C to copy command and Ctrl + V to paste command. The second way is to use the Move Tool together by pressing Ctrl key.

Copy – paste command is the basic command in Google SketchUp and will always be used.

What are the differences two commands above?

The main difference is the base point. The standard copy command does not use base point reference so you have to move the object to be copied with Move Tool to position precisely at a point. This is different in the second way, which automatically uses the base point reference at the point of Move Tool is used in conjunction with the Ctrl key.

To be more clear, please watch a brief Google SketchUp video tutorial below.

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