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Maybe some people who ussually use Google SketchUp tired to seeing an opening menu that aims to select a template as shown below. The default template can be made and regulated so directly would be used when creating a new drawing.

Google SketchUp Tutorial - start up with choose template

But before….. see the bottom left of the picture below. Uncheck “Always show on startup” to hide this menu when run the software. Automatically used the template have choosen.

How to make Google SketchUp template file? So, you can create different default settings and do not spend much time to make new arrangements.

Go to Window and choose Preference. On Preference window dialog find Template menu. See the picture below.

Google SketchUp Tutorial - system preferences - template

There are a few standard templates available from the installation process. But you can create one if it is not appropriate, and make it to default.

To create a new template, out from the System Preference. Then make a few settings, eg select a unit of centimeters as the default. See interactive tutorial below. Please note, because it is an interactive tutorial so you need to click the Play/Next button (and following button) manually.

Now you have a template file. Return to System Preference. If the template that was created has not been listed, use the browse button.

google sketchup - new template included

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