Google SketchUp import DWG CAD for faster drawing

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google sketchup 7 - dwg cad - import

Google SketchUp can import CAD drawing files (*. dwg) so that the overall drawing process becomes faster.

I find this feature in Google SketchUp 7 and no longer exists in version 8. With this feature you can import .dwg CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawing with good and the results are “snap”.

Import results from Google SketchUp 7 resulted in exactly with the original drawings on CAD software, including the units….. as long as it remembers to be adjusted when the import process. If not….. you need to adjust the scale again.

google sketchup 7 - dwg cad - import dialog

After import, check the dimensions….. if it’s appropriate. If not….. you need to customize it.

cad drawing in google sketchup 7

Look at this picture below that will show a “snap” at some point.

quickly make wall on cad drawing layout

Because it is “snap”, you can easily draw on it and faster….. like drawing rectangle and then using Follow Me tool to make it into the walls.

the result

More info related to import DWG files.

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