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For many people who have long followed vmancer.com, hand painted oil painting topic is very different, out of the box. But here it is, I think partly readers would be interested.

Originated from an incoming email in my spam folder, that contains information about hand painted oil painting giveaway. The picture below is one of the prize. This gift-sized paintings are 24 x 36 inch, directly painted by hand, reproduction of famous artists that valued at over $300.00 to one lucky winner, Non Stretched, Non Framed! Wherever you are still able to participate in this event because it is open internationally. Prizes will be sent directly to the winner anywhere.

Participated in this oil painting Giveaway

This event was organized by classicartspace.com.
There are three oil painting prizes that can be selected on this page. On that page there is also requirements that must be followed if you participate, there are still 17 days from now.


  • The winner will be randomly picked.
  • The winner announce on May 31, 2013.
  • The painting will be shipped free of charge to the winner.
  • Don’t feel disappointing if you not won. classicartspace.com will announce another winner on Father’s Day, June 16, 2013.
    This lucky guy can send one of your photos to classicartspace.com and will turn it into oil painting, and then ship the portrait oil painting to you free of charge.

oil painting - starry night

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