Mop the floor with cow dung at Sade village, Lombok, Indonesia

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Ethnic Sasak traditional house located in Dusun Sade, Central Lombok, the floor is made from a mixture of clay and buffalo dung. According to local custom is a tribute to the buffalo that have been employed in the fields.

People living in these hamlets are all Sasak tribe. They are still holding fast to the customary tradition. In fact, the typical traditional house is also still visible Sasak stood firm and maintained in this area.


Sasak tribe is indigenous and the majority on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Not difficult to reach this location. You only need about one hour travel time from Mataram.

To surround the village, visitors must pass through the rocky path which is pretty neat and clean. Occasionally mothers would look households are spinning in their respective home pages. Or will be seen also mothers are displaying a variety of souvenirs such as necklaces or bracelets at the door of the house, for sale to immigrants or tourists.

Entering the indigenous Dusun Sade village, the smell of cow dung. Because their houses are made from cow dung. Starting from the building foundation, walls, floors all smeared cow dung or buffalo dung once a week. This is a local wise, to honor the buffalo who daily made plowing equipment. There is a farming community work and make the weaving and beads for sale in front of their home.

sade-traditonal-villageSasak tribal house made of straw and bamboo-walled (“gedhek”). Floors made of clay mixed with buffalo dung and straw ash. Mixture of clay and buffalo dung to make hardened ground floor, as hard as cement. How to create a floor like that was inherited from their ancestors.

Although the smell of buffalo dung, the traditional house Sasak Tribe, if the note is built based on aesthetic values and local wisdom. Sasak people familiar with several types of traditional buildings which provides a home and includes the customary rites and religious rituals.

Sasak traditional house other than as a shelter and gathering of family members is also a place sacred rituals as a manifestation of belief in God, ancestral spirits, house spirits and so forth.

Sasak Tribe door deliberately kept short, so that people or visitors who enter the house, bent or bowed. That symbol of respect for his host.

Sasak tribe to build a barn as a storage crop which is used together with about three to four families. Barns are usually placed in the home or room, or in a special place outside the house building.

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