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Hotmail features that interesting is the ability to send and receive emails from other hotmail accounts you have.

I think Hotmail current popularity declined because Microsoft  more tout the Windows Live ID. If you sign up Windows Live ID, it’s automatically can use email which used to be called Hotmail.

This exciting Hotmail features are like GMail which I previously discussed in the article GMail (Google Mail) unique features which can be used as a web-based email client. I mean….. You can send and receive email with many different email account only from GMail, no need switch to another email accounts.

Hotmail feature

If you want to receive email from other email account, then that email account must be have POP enable facility to be activate. With this feature, your Hotmail will be web based email client.

Another interesting features is you can send email from these account but the recipient does not think this email sent from Hotmail. Recipients will continue to feel that email is sent via regular email address you use.

See the picture below for illustrations.

send and receive

In order not to lose information from other email accounts, you can activate the email forwarding feature so that all mail that arrives will be transferred automatically to Hotmail.



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