How An Animated Crypto Explainer Can Help Your Blockchain Company

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It’s no secret that blockchain is a powerful technology, but it can be difficult for most people to understand how it works. This is why you need an explainer video for your blockchain company. A blockchain introduction video will help potential customers and investors understand blockchain in just a few minutes. And once they know how great this technology is, they’ll want to use your solution!

Understanding the Blockchain

Blockchain is a new technology, and not everyone understands how it works. In fact, it’s confusing! And that’s why you need an animated cryptocurrency explainer video for your blockchain company: because until you can figure out how to explain blockchain in a way that people can understand, nothing else matters.

While we could go on about the importance of having an animated explainer video for your brand (and we will), let’s just get back to our main point here: if you want people to listen when explaining something complex like blockchain, you need an animated explainer video.

Blockchain can be used in many different ways

A blockchain is a decentralized ledger that records transactions between parties. It operates on a public, decentralized network and the records it keeps are transparent, permanent and immutable. Because of this, blockchains offer many potential benefits over traditional databases: they can be used to track ownership of assets; they allow data to be exchanged without requiring trust in an intermediary; they provide an audit trail of transactions, making fraud harder; and they do not suffer from downtime due to being hosted on multiple computers at once.

If all this sounds like Greek or Latin to you—or even if it doesn’t—then don’t worry! You don’t need a degree in computer science or even familiarity with blockchain technology in order for animated explainers about it to be useful for your business needs. What matters most is whether your company has something valuable enough (such as property rights) worth encrypting; whether there are legal restrictions preventing certain information from being shared publicly; and how much ownership protection you want for such information. In addition, there are other uses for animated explainers besides educating consumers about new technology:

Blockchain is great for many industries

While blockchain has great potential for many industries, it’s a special type of technology that can be used to solve problems in your business. Here are some ways that you can use blockchain:

  • Security is a big deal when it comes to data, especially with the rise of cybercrime. With blockchain technology, you can keep things safe by using encryption and public-private key cryptography. This way you can avoid hacks and make sure that no one else accesses your data without permission or destroys critical information without being caught.
  • Transparency is another important factor when it comes to security and privacy issues—if everyone knows what’s going on at all times, then there will be less room for error or manipulation! With blockchains being so transparent about every transaction made using their services (or even just viewing certain portions), anyone should be able to see everything happening within them so that there won’t be any problems later down the line because someone didn’t know what they were doing while they were doing it…

You need to explain how your specific blockchain solution works

When it comes to explaining your blockchain solution, there are many ways you can go about it. One way is by simply explaining how the problem that blockchain solves. Let’s say for example that you have a new product or service called Blocker and Blocker is used for storing data in a secure manner on the blockchain.

To do this, you will explain how the current methods of storing data are not safe or secure enough, or that they take up too much space (e.g., centralized databases), or that they are too expensive (e.g., cloud storage). You would then explain how Blocker solves these problems by using blockchain technology and its decentralized ledger system: no one person has access over all information stored on it; every node holds exact copies of all blocks; if one node gets hacked then hackers cannot access any data because they need majority consensus from all nodes in order to do so; transactions are recorded chronologically and permanently; transactions cannot be reversed once completed; etc., etc., ad nauseum! The point being – don’t stop until people understand why they should use your company’s product or service!

An explainer video can help people understand blockchain in 2 minutes or less

How An Animated Crypto Explainer Video Can Help Your Blockchain Company

Explainer videos are short, easy to understand, and entertaining. They’re a great way to explain complex topics.

Blockchain technology is incredibly complex and often difficult for people to understand. It can be hard to grasp when you’re trying to explain it in traditional ways like writing articles or making slideshows or infographics.

That’s why an animated explainer video is such a good option for your company:

  • Explainer videos are short (usually less than two minutes). This means that they can get right to the point without dragging on too long or boring the viewer with unnecessary information before getting into the meat of what they need to know about blockchain technology. They also don’t require any reading from the viewer themselves; all of this information has been presented visually instead so that everyone watching will have an equal understanding of what’s going on without having any prerequisites beforehand either!
  • Explainer videos are easy-to-read/watch media formats that don’t require much previous knowledge from those who watch them (just open up Youtube!). The same goes here too – while some prefer written content over video when learning things new concepts/ideas, this may work better because we learn faster through visual stimuli rather than just words alone (especially if something involves lots) which means there could be some benefits both ways depending on what type works best per person 🙂

People need to understand how great blockchain really is

As you can see, there are many different uses for blockchain. In fact, it has the potential to change the way we do business with one another in virtually every industry. It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing blockchain implemented in all kinds of ways, so it’s important that people understand what it is and how great it can be for their businesses!

The best way to do this is through a cryptocurrency explainer video—an animation that explains everything about your company and its products or services using visuals and narration instead of words alone. You’ll have no problem explaining yourself through an animated explainer video because they’re easy-to-follow and entertaining; after all, who wouldn’t want to watch something educational if it looks fun?


It’s clear that most people still don’t understand blockchain, and it’s up to us as marketers to help them. If you want people to truly understand your company and what it does, then an explainer video is a great way to do it. By creating an animated explainer video for blockchain for your website or social media channels, you can showcase the benefits of blockchain in just 2 minutes or less. While these videos may seem like an unnecessary expense at first glance, they actually pay off big time in the long run by increasing conversions by as much as 400%!

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