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How to recover deleted photos from sd card with iCare Recovery Pro FREE Edition? This very simple things to do and free, and you will get your photos back.

iCare Recovery Pro FREE Edition can used to recovering everything that was deleted although for various reasons at no cost at all as long as the maximum capacity is 1 GB. Some things that could lead to data loss, such as: unexpected power off, improper partition or partition error, virus damage, reinstalled Windows system or
hard disk crash, and other causes unknowingly. From various storage media like Phone, Camera, PC Hard disk, usb drive, external memory (SD card and other type), etc.

iCare Recovery Pro FREE Edition have 2 mode recovery process

  1. Deep Scan Recovery
    iCare Data Recovery Software uses the advantages of raw mode built with Deep Scan Recovery to search every possible file on digital media to recover lost files with their old file names and folder structures.
  2. Read-Only / Free Recovery
    100% safe without hidden risks. It works with read-only mode that won’t write data while it is scanning. 1GB free recovery plus another 1GB data for free if you click share button inside the software.

How to recover any file with iCare Recovery Pro FREE Edition

The main stages consist of only 3 steps:

  1. Install the software
    You can download from here then install. The picture below is the interface.
    There are information of recovery scenario; recover deleted files (photos, document, others), deep scan recovery for more details, or lost data/files because of broken partition.
    iCare Recovery Pro FREE Edition - Recovering everything that was deleted
  2. Scan which drive contains data to be restored
    If you want to recover photos from sd card, then plug in your SD card to card reader before start the software. Then choose Deleted File Recovery, and SD Card drive. After that just continue the step and wait for the process.
  3. Recover
    Will be presented various files that can be restored. Choose which photos or others you want to restored and show where it will be stored. That’s it. You get your photos from SD Card, simple steps to do, and of course free.
    iCare Recovery Pro FREE Edition - Recovering everything that was deleted

iCare Data Recovery Pro recover all scenario of data loss
iCare SD Memory Card Recovery


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