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My first experience with the CompTIA A+ exam was not so great. Frankly speaking, I completely failed it, but not due to the fact that the test was extremely tough or because I hadn’t prepared for it, but rather because I had little information on the exam itself. I have read so much about the fact that studying blindly without understanding the details of the exam is going to negatively affect its outcome but I didn’t pay much attention to this until I failed my test. After taking all precautionary measures by diligently going through the necessary resource materials, I was able to successfully pass the exam with high scores.

The purpose of this article is to share my experience with the potential candidates who are willing to take the CompTIA A+ exam, and to help them understand its details and possible difficulties. By the time you reach the end of this article, I’m sure you would have learnt one or two new things about the exam. It is worth noting that the test content is updated regularly so you should always check it before sitting the actual exam.

Important insight of the CompTIA A+ exam

Apart from testing your knowledge level on the relevant topics, the CompTIA exam are also designed to evaluate how good you are at reading and followingthe test instructions. It is therefore important that you read the questions carefully and slowly. I discovered that some questions seem complex after the first and second reading. However, when I took my time to go through the questions thoroughly, I found out that they are not as complex as they first seemed.

For instance, during the exam, one of the questions stated that candidate should configure new disk and account to avoid possible future redundancy. This question seemed simple and I immediately went to work on the required partitions. However, I got stuck at one point and felt frustrated. I left the question immediately and went to answer the other ones. In the process of working on another question, I realised my error. The question did not ask me to configure the disk redundancy right now but for the future! I quickly revised that question and was done within a short time. So bear in mind that you can always expect this kind of questions during your test as well. It is therefore important to inspect the questions thoroughly before you jump into answering them. Understanding the question is as much critical as answering it correctly. There was a couple of other questions that got me confused for a while but in the end I got a hang of them.

Study and Pass CompTIA A+ Certification Exam

How I passed the CompTIA A+ exam

Now I must mention that it took me not so much time to prepare for the CompTIA A+ exam. This is basically because I already had sample experience with it. I completed the 800 series CompTIA A+ test shortly before writing the 900 series, and I found out that the most recent examonly contains approximately 25% of the new content. In addition to this, I’m very conversant with different versions of Linux and I’m comfortable working with them. I also use Windows 7, Windows 8, and other operating systems within my reach. This background knowledge really helped me and it was one of the reasons why I spent little time preparing for the exam.

But in case you don’t have such experience or background knowledge about the operating systems, you can still prepare for the exam and be ready to pass it within a short period of time. All you need is serious hard work and dedication. I actually prepared for the exam within 5 days and wrote the certification testright after that. I didn’t study 24/7, by the way; I still had enough time for my work and free time activities. So if you don’t have the same experience as I do, you can easily allocate one week to study and prepare for the exam and still earn great scores. You only need to know what exactly to studyand find the appropriate resource materials to use in your preparation.

My preparation techniques

As I mentioned earlier, I failed the CompTIA A+ exam during my first attempt. While preparing for the second try I decided to change my study techniques. I started studying in short bursts using PrepAway CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test Exam Dumps Questions – 220-901 & 220-902. I studied for about 30 minutes, take a break for about 5-10 minutes and then repeat this cycle 4 times. After that I take a large break for 20 minutes to do other things and then go through the same process again. This made it easy to assimilate the materials without getting bored. I tried to study difficult topics first and get them out of the way before going over my favourite topics.

This was the pattern I used and it really helped a great deal. Of course, all people all have different study patterns, so if your current one is working for you, you can stick to it but if you want to try something new, you can go ahead and use my technique. I can assure you that it really worked for me because I don’t like sitting in one place for a long time. From my personal experience, I’d recommend you dedicating more time on studying such topics as Windows upgrade paths and troubleshooting. Initially, these topics seemed rather difficult to me, but after dealing with everything else, I was able to study them without any stress.


Passing the CompTIA A+ exam doesn’t have to be a big issue, especially if you actually study the subject. After taking the test, I found out that the questions are not that difficult. All that is required from you is to focus on what really matters and leave the insignificant materials out of your study plan. Lastly, do not forget to take a look at Top 5 resources for CompTIA A+ certification exam preparation. This will help you evaluate your level of preparedness and the areas you need to pay more attention to.



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