How to Increase Image Size Online

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A picture is worth a thousand words, and thus, users across the world lay particular emphasis on using high-quality images that can convey the desired message. There can be several reasons why one may need to resize an image. Images, sometimes, have to be resized to fit the available display area. Similarly, overly large images can hurt the user experience and reduce a website’s loading speed. Whether you are a social media enthusiast who posts to share memorable moments with friends or a professional who uses pictures to pull in new customers, the need for a tool that conveniently resizes images has been felt by almost everyone.

Photoshop Was Once the Most Popular Tool for Resizing Images

Until a few years ago, Photoshop was the tool most used to resize images. However, resizing images using Photoshop isn’t easy. Only people with some knowledge and experience with the tool are able to do the job successfully. Moreover, the whole process is cumbersome and takes time.

AI Img Enlarger is powerful tool for resize image

Here’s how you can use Photoshop to resize images. Open the image you wish to resize and go to the ‘Image’ tab on the top of the Photoshop window. Once you select the ‘Image Size’ option, a new window will open. If you wish to maintain the proportions of your image, click on the ‘Constrain Proportions’ option. Next, under the ‘Document Size’ option, select ‘inches’ and ensure that the resolution is more than at least ‘200 pixels/inch’. Input the desired width and height. Crop the image if the original image has different proportions than the desired image. Click on ok.

Sounds complicated and tiring, right?

AI Img Enlarger Is a Powerful Alternative to Photoshop

If you are tired of Photoshop and other complex photo editing tools and are looking for a more straightforward way to resize images, you are not the only one. When it comes to resizing images, Photoshop, undoubtedly, is a useful tool. However, it is most certainly not simple. AI Img Enlarger provides a powerful yet simple alternative to Photoshop.

The best thing about AI Img Enlarger is that it is reasonably simple to use. The tool is so straightforward that even a complete novice can use it to increase image size online. All one has to do is upload the file to be resized, select from the four options available, and click on ‘Start.’ Within a few seconds, you will have your resized image.

It’s Designed to Produce High-Definition Images in Just a Few Seconds

The tool uses machine learning technology to ensure that even the minutest details of a picture are evident in the resized version. AI Img Enlarger is supported by the new generation GPU, which allows it to produce incredibly clear resized photos in only a few seconds. Moreover, it is entirely free. There are no hidden fees or costs. There aren’t many tools that can resize image but keep high quality the way AI Enlarger does.

AI Img Enlarger is powerful tool for resize image

The Final Word

AI Image Enlarger is a significant advancement over traditional resizing tools, such as Photoshop. Its deep learning capabilities and optimized hardware allow it to produce high-quality resized images almost instantly. With this tool, users can stop worrying about privacy issues as all pictures are deleted every 2 hours. All services provided are free. Therefore, if you are looking to upscale image without losing quality, do not think twice before trusting AI Img Enlarger to do the job.

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