How to make a slip ring??

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Smallest, but slip ring is one of the essential parts of an electromagnetic device. A motor runs only due to the involvement of a slip ring in it. If we remove a slip ring from an electromagnetic engine, it will stop working immediately.

A slip ring can rotate 360 degrees continuously without having any limits; the only thing that can affect its functioning is electricity. It will work efficiently and consistently until the electricity supply allows you. Slip rings are wide a part of AC generators, DC generators and much more.

Have you ever thought how these slip rings are being formed? If not, do it right now.  Got any conclusion? No….A miniature slip ring is quite efficient in moving the power wind turbines. Why only in wind turbines, Slip rings is one of the significant components of various applications. From amusement park rides to military hardware, from AC motors to NASA satellites there are multiple applications where slip ring is one of the most critical components.

Slip ring comes up in various shapes, sizes and design options and this unique ability of this miniature product makes it quite helpful in multiple applications.

USB Slip Ring

You can easily find out some professional and industrial grade slip rings in the market, but if you are willing to create a one for you as per your hobby or some projects’ help, you can do it by following this guide carefully.

What is Slip Ring and how does it work?

Before going further with the making process, it would be quite beneficial for you to know what slip ring exactly are and how does it work. Slip rings are one of the significant components of every electromagnetic device that is being designed to allow transmission of electric signals, power, and data through it. It works by rotating 360 degrees.

Most of the people get confused by the term rotation being used here. Rotation does not mean that the slip ring will move thoroughly, it just said that it would rotate through its single end only. One end of the slip ring remains stationary always whereas the other one keeps on turning around it until the electricity supply allows it. Slip ring usually transmits the electric signals, power, and data from the stationary end to the rotating one.

Fiber Optic Slip Ring

How to make a slip ring?

If you are looking to create your slip ring this guide is going to be a great help for you. Lip ring is a professional and industrial level component but if you want you still can conveniently make it at the convenience of your home. We are here going to discuss you about the homemade slip rings for wind turbines here.

Smaller but quite efficient project, that can help you out in various projects of yours…

One more thing as it is going to be a short working model of slip rings for wind turbines; you can quickly get the construction material from your home as well.

The only thing that you have to work on is the attention that you need to give on for acquiring a perfect solution, that’s it. Before going further with the construction of miniature slip ring, it would be beneficial for you to know about the prerequisites first, as these are the components on which your entire project depends upon.


  • Two small bearings (you can get them from kid’s scooters)
  • Two lengths of wire (of different colors)
  • Electrical tape
  • Nonconductive spacer/ring (you can make use of plastic rubber here)
  • Soldering iron

Steps to follow on

First you have carefully arranged all the required prerequisites for your miniature slip ring, you can start your project immediately.

  • First of all, you need to create a layout of bearings and ring for the wind turbine. For attaining this, you need to have two bearings and a nonconductive ring.
  • Check out the hole in the ring and inner bearing. It needs to be more prominent in the ring.
  • Place the ring in between the two bearings and hold them together.
  • Use the different colored electric wires of about half meters.
  • Now solder one wire to the bearing and another wire to another bearing.
  • Once done wrap the electrical tape tightly on it
  • Once we have created the complete layout next step is finishing off. Cut some strips from a plastic bottle. Keep in mind the width of these strips needs to be the same as that of the bearings and the rings have.
  • Not solder the other ends of both the wires to the inside of bearings.
  • Wind up your some plastic strips and then insert them into the middle of the inner bearing. Check out that whether the wires holding them have unwired or not. If not, add some more strips into it.
  • Check out all the connections provided between all the points carefully before doing final steps with the wiring.
  • That’s it. Your slip ring for a wind turbine has successfully created now, and it’s now ready to be a part of the smaller wind turbine. Working with a soldering iron will difficult at this moment here, so you need to work calmly here to get the perfect one.


Slip rings are one of the most critical components of every electromagnetic product. You can never imagine the working of a motor without having slip ring in it. It is the only products that keep rotating consistently without any limits for 360 degrees. These rings are widely used in various applications. Whether these are amusement park rides, or an AC generator to move on, whether it is about launching a satellite by NASA or is about working or a wind turbine, slip ring is the only option that is being used everywhere.

You have to select the right kind of slip ring depending upon your project’s requirement, that’s it. The composition of slip ring is quite more straightforward and one can easily make it in their home as well to be used in minor projects. The only thing you need to care about is the proper connections of the system, that’s it.

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