How to win at horse betting

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In this article, we will discover what it takes to get winnings at horse betting. 

Horse racing is a popular betting sport in the UK, USA, and Australia. Hundreds of races are held every day at racetracks around the world, and information on how to make money on horse racing will be useful for any bettor. This sport is no less difficult to master than football, hockey or boxing: you will need to learn the terminology, remember the types of bets, learn the features of the selected horse, and much more.

One of the reasons why you should pay attention to betting on horse racing is the frequency of competitions. Various disciplines (smooth races, hurdles) are held all year round and around the world. Thus, the bettor will not be limited in the choice of tournaments. To understand how to make money on horse racing, you need to study the types of bets on this sport. It is a mistake to think that you can only bet on the winning horse of the race. In horse racing, you can try to predict who will get into the prizes, who will take a higher place in the race, and other bets. This is another reason for the popularity of horse racing – bettor has a fairly wide selection of markets in the line.

What are the main types of bids?

  1.  Bet on the winner (win). The easiest option, which is usually chosen by the beginners. There is one caveat: different bookmakers take into account the possible disqualification of a horse after the finish in different ways. Some bookmakers give a refund, others count bets. Before you start betting, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of the office.
  1.  Bet on the winner with insurance (insurance bet). If your horse does not win, then the insurance bet will refund part or even the entire bet amount. Of course, the coefficient on the rate with insurance will initially be below.
  1.  Winning or winning a prize (each-way). This is a bet that the horse will either win or come to the prize position. If a horse wins a prize, you will get a 1/4 or 1/5 coefficient, depending on the bookmaker’s conditions. Experts recommend making this bet on horses with a KEF of 8.00 or higher. And if your choice wins, you will receive both a payment for the victory and a piece for the prize place.
  1.  Forecast (forecast). Bettor tries to guess the sequence at the finish of the two horses that will run first and second. You can bet on their exact order at the finish (straight forecast) or choose a combined option (reverse forecast – a bet that the horses will come first and second in any order).
  1.  Triple forecast (tricast). The same as forecast, but with three horses. It can be precise or combined.
  1.  Who is higher (head-to-head). You will have to choose which of the two horses will be higher at the end of the race.
  1.  Quiniela. The bet is placed on 2 or 3 horses, and they must enter, respectively, among the first two or three at the end of the race (in any order).

These are the main and most common markets in horse racing betting. Bookmakers are constantly trying to diversify their line and surprise customers with new offers by combining bets. You can bet on horse racing as an ordinary or Express.

So what does it take to win?

  •  Study books and materials about horse racing. There is a lot of information and strategies on the Internet that increase the chances of success. Do not rely only on your ingenuity – as they say, it is never too late to learn, especially from a guru in betting on horse races. carefully study the information about the author of the book or material – many “tips” are given to increase your loss.
  •  Learn to analyze the abilities of a particular horse. For example, for some horses, short distances (say, up to 1 km) are the crown. Accordingly, it does not make sense to bet on them in the 2.5 km race. Find out if the horse has fallen on the barriers in previous races, how often it does not finish the distance.
  •  Every horse has a favourite surface, such as a treadmill or a vicious ground. It is important to know how the horse will behave on the proposed track. Remember that the sudden onset of rain will turn the ground into mud. Learn how the selected horse behaved in similar conditions.
  •  Think about the cycles of a steed’s form. You should study where and when the horse ran the previous race, under what conditions, how it finished, and with whom it competed. Like humans, horses don’t produce the same results all the time.
  •  It is important to take into account where the horse came from, how much money the owners will receive based on the results of the race. If there is a chance of earning a large sum, the horse and jockey will likely be high-class and try to win the first prize. If the horse was brought from another country its owners expect to win.
  •  Evaluate the horse and jockey in a complex. It is important to know whether this is the first race or whether they have previously performed in tandem? If you performed, what places did you take? No matter how good a horse is, an inexperienced jockey can negate his talents and Vice versa.

Here are some more simple rules that should be kept in mind for anyone who wants to understand how to make money on horse racing. The recommendations can be applied to all sports.

Analyze your bets, especially lost ones. Where did you go wrong? What nuances do you miss that make your bet on the wrong horses? Determine which types of bets you get the most winnings from, and which races you guessed the highest number of bets in. Work through these and other points.

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