html code hyperlink: what the mean of <a href=””>click..</a>

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When starting a blog, I am confused how to create a hyperlink on the text and how to make it open in another window.… When looking at html mode, it makes me more confused. I see a variety of confusing html code.

insert hyperlink - windows live writerThe picture on the left, is screenshot that shown the simple way to insert hyperlink with Windows Live Writer. You will not found confusing html code with this blog editor free software.

Now… what the mean of :

<a href=””>click..</a>

Simple explaination for the html code…

<a …… >……..</a>  —>  the ‘ a ’ at the beginning and end is opening and closing hyperlink code which means anchor text. A word or more (anchor text) that contain hyperlink will be flanked by the code.

And then href code indicate the direction of the links that existed at the anchor text. In the example above, you will go to

The text “click..” is the anchor text. Several sources that I have ever read says that a good anchor text is not just any words, but it leads to something being discussed. So… text “click..” like the example actually less good. Might be better if I use the words blog about software and internet to replace the word click. Anchor text should reflect the contents of the attached link.

Now….. how to make that open a new window when click a link??

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>click..</a>

Look at the code above… especially target=”_blank” code. That code will make it.

And then….. how to create text that will only be visible if a link is “touched”??? Like the sample….. Site Map. You will see text “table of contents” if you touch that link.

<a title="table of contents" href="" target="_blank">Site Map</a>

Look at the code above… especially title="table of contents" code. That code will make it.

There are some more codes that can be added to the html code hyperlink. If you want to learn more, maybe website can help.

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