iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery [giveaway 5 licenses]

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iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery is software that allows you to change Windows password that is not intentionally overlooked.

I believe iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery will change the way you deal with lost passwords of Windows system computer.

Most Windows users would call a technician or reinstall the system when lost the Windows password moreover administrator password. When in fact that is not necessary. There are other ways that’s very easy so you can go to your desktop again and it’s not spend much time. Try to using Windows Password Recovery.

Some interesting things related to iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery

  • Reset Windows password for all users (administrator and user) in a short time
  • Remove Windows lost password without reinstalling the system.
  • Create bootable password reset USB drive, with a click of a button it can be used on your computer and reset your forgotten Windows password

Get 5 licenses of iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery

If you are interested in getting one of these licenses for free, follow the steps below.

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  2. Submit a comment below and please mention if you want to get iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery license. Fill out the comment with the article share link that has been done in the first step.
  3. The licenses will be awarded to 5 fastest commentator which follow the steps above.

iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery


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