iBoysoft Drive Manager for Mac: Manage external drive with ease [Giveaway]

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iBoysoft Drive Manager for Mac is handy Mac tool which allows you to manage external drive and network drive with ease. It allows you to mount, unmount, or eject volumes with only one click.

iBoysoft Drive Manager for Mac provides easy-to-use way to manage network drive and external drive. With this software, we can read/write NTFS drive on Mac, mount/unmount network drive and external drive, eject external drive with only a single click on the menu bar. The 1 year license of this software charges $29.95 but now is free for all visitors of this page. This giveaway lasts for 5 days and will end at October 11th, 2018.

Most of us have lots of drives, such as network drives, USB drive, memory card, etc. How to manage those drives can be a problem annoyes countless users for it takes lots of time to mount, unmount, and eject those drives on our Mac. Under that condition, iBoysoft Drive Manager can make the above operations easy and save our time.

With iBoysoft Drive Manager, we can read/write NTFS drive on Mac, mount/unmout all external drives with only one click from the menu bar without unplugging cables. It’s also a good network drive manager for it can mount the network drives we want to setup once on each network we connect to and record details, and then remount automatically when we want to use them again. It will automatically and safely eject all external drives when the system sleeps and mount all network drives when system wakes from sleep.

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As written above this software actually charges $29.95, but now you can get license free of this software for about 5 days, but you must hurry to activate using license code below after downloading. This giveaway will end at October 11th, 2018.

Giveaway license code : 7EFD9B377EFC9BB07EFC9B29FE816F78



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