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ID Photo Maker is paid software that is specifically used to create and set photo that mounted on identity card. Its use is very simple, so you can quickly put a picture. The photos posted usually done crop and resize process, perhaps with a slightly adjust the brightness and color. For that, you do not require professional photo processing such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw.

ID Photo Maker - croping selectionAnother feature that carried is Canon EOS digital camera control. So you can directly connect the camera with this software.

Fill out the form – making – identity cards is finish …. without need long time. As its slogan: Save your money, save your time.

ID Photo Maker - layout with different size

Compare with PhotoscapeID Photo Maker - save to picture

Photoscape is a free image processing software is quite powerful. Many features are taken for processing images and can be done instantly. See the picture below.

I tried to make photo identity using template available on PhotoScape.

Results can be done, but too much needed time. Besides, you need a photo because can not connect a digital camera and controlled directly via PhotoScape when shooting.

So, are you interested to trying ID Photo Maker? If yes, directly visit the official site and download the software from there.

photoscape - id photo

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