Image to Excel OCR Image Scanner from Cometdocs [Android/iPhone]

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Just by reading the name of this application we can guess its usefulness. Convert table data from image obtained from screenshots or photos into editable document files with spreadsheet format like Microsoft Excel. The conversion process runs on the server where the phone as a raw data sender in the form of photos or screenshots and then display the results in the form of .xlsx document format. You can see the process example from Youtube video below.

Image to Excel OCR Image Scanner features

  • Excellent JPG to Excel conversion quality.
  • Document scanner with OCR.
  • No limits on file size or the number of converted files.
  • Screenshots can be converted as well.
  • Easily share converted documents anywhere.
  • The new Excel file is optimized for fast viewing and immediate analysis.
  • The converted document is in the .xlsx format and completely editable.
  • Crop image to select only the important data for conversion.

More about this app: Android | iPhone

Free conversions take up to 1 hour to complete, but fast conversions (paid) are completed in seconds. Screenshot of original document give more precision result.


Image to Excel OCR Image Scanner from Cometdocs

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