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With iMobie PhotoTrans, you will be more easier to organize photos in your iPhone and iPad.

Current diverse middle and upper class cellphone has a camera, especially Apple products like the iPhone and iPad. This will make it easier for you to share the data in the form of a more interesting picture than just plain text. I often use the camera to keep the ads I read in the newspaper or some important things such as business cards and others. This is like scanner for me. After the form of digital data, I can save with nice and easy in online data storage such as Mediafire, Dropbox, Megacloud or others. On the other hand, you will have a lot of image data. This software makes your job easy to move these images from your iOS device to computer.

iMobie PhotoTrans features

  • Transfer All Photos at Once
    The only one iPhone Photo Transfer that can import and export your whole library between iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and computer all at once.
  • Export Photos to Computer
    Move photos from device to computer in order to save more free space, backup & recover the photo library, and share photos on any computer.
  • Import Photos to Device
    Transfer photos to idevices for viewing on the move or using iPad as digital frame. Add photos from any PC, No iTunes sync or erasing pictures.
  • Showcase Photos on PC
    Support auto-play and manual photo slideshow that allows you to slide photos one at a time, watch them on a computer with the full size.
  • Manage Photos & Albums
    Creating, renaming and deleting photo album in order to organize your out-of-control photo library. Make iPhone iPad photo management like a breeze.
  • Blazingly Fast Speed
    Fully supports USB 3.0, Lightning and other up-to-the-minute technologies that ensure to achieve the fastest iPhone photo transferring speed.

iMobie PhotoTrans Giveaway

Get iMobie PhotoTrans license with free in limited time.
If you interested, please visit the giveaway page. There you will be found download button and free license code for both Windows and Mac operating system. On the page you can get chance to get iTunes gift card too. The winners annouce on April 7th, 2014, on iMobie Facebook page.

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iMobie PhotoTrans

Video Tutorial the using of iMobie PhotoTrans

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