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iMobie PodTrans is well-designed software to move and transfer music from iPod to computer which is not allowed by iTunes.

With PodTrans, you can freely transfer music to iPod without iTunes. Moreover, drag-and-drop importing method is much faster and more convenient than iTunes sync to import iPod songs. This software can populate your iPod from unlimited iTunes libraries without compromising the existing music. Also support other types of media contents, including Music, movies, TV shows, videos, audiobooks, iTunes U, podcasts, etc.

Through managing your pod with iMobie PodTrans Pro, which primarily emphasizes intuitive UI design, you will have a comfortable feel especially if you are new to iTunes. The Smart Music Filter will make you easy to find what you’re looking for, music searching filtering by Artist, Album, Genre, etc.

iMobie PodTrans Pro Features

  • Support All iPod Models
    Aiming to deliver an all-new iPod manager to free your iPod and iTunes music, PodTrans Pro fully supports all 21 models iPod, and keeps pace with the upcoming new iPods.
  • All-new and Smart iWizard
    Offering a brand-new iPod sync experience, start your transferring in one click. Safer, faster, simpler and more powerful than iTunes or other similar iPod transfer.
  • Direct iPod-to-iPod Copy
    Duplicate iPod music, movies, Apps, iTunes U, TV shows and everything to new iPod, and vice versa. Straightforward transfer media and playlist from old iPod to a new iPod.
  • Rebuild iTunes Library
    Recover and rebuild part or entire iTunes library from any iPod, in case you get a sudden and serious breakdown on iTunes or PC hard drive disaster.
  • Copy Music and More
    PodTrans Pro helps you easily clone all grouped media from iPod to iTunes library, and vice versa. Everything in your playlist will be moved completely as your wish, no duplicated or omitted.
  • Keep All Meta Data Intact
    When transferring the music or other media fiels, all your personal data like ratings, play counts, tags, artworks and everything you need will remain intact on new iPod or iTunes library.
  • Convert Video on the Fly
    PodTrans Pro is built in with powerful trans-coding engine that will convert all incompatible video/audio media to iPod friendly digital format during the transferring.

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iMobie PodTrans Pro

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