Import contacts (.csv) to Mozilla Thunderbird with easily

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Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the popular free desktop email client. It appearance was simple and quick to use. To be able to send and receive email, you must import the email account and address book.

Before, I to often get messy results when importing address book from csv (comma separated value) file (contacts export file). Now I know how to import contacts from csv file and will be shown below with little problem (not even).

import contacts to Mozilla Thunderbird - go to address bookThe first time, directly go to your address book. But there are still empty, no contacts none.

import contacts to Mozilla Thunderbird - importGo to Tools, and choose Import. On Import menu window, select what will be imported, as shown in the figure below.

import contacts to Mozilla Thunderbird - address book

import contacts to Mozilla Thunderbird - select type of contact file to importAfter that, choose address book format file you want to import. In this case I use text file (csv file format) obtained from the export of GMail account data contacts.

Note with a good file format to be imported. If false, the file will not appear on the file selection window. In this case you should choose Comma Separated type of file.

import contacts to Mozilla Thunderbird - select contact file to import

Adjust the format of imported data with the availability. If it does not fit, use the move down and move up button, so that accordance with existing data. As an example consider the picture below, there are no email address on the primary email line.

You need to do is click the move down button so that the home address row  was replaced with primary email in accordance with existing data.

import contacts to Mozilla Thunderbird - import address book

You will see the results as shown below. Already have all the email contacts in your address book. Your activities may be fun to send email.

import contacts to Mozilla Thunderbird (8)

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