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SP1 Windows 7 has been launched. There are several ways to get SP1 Windows 7 operating system on your computer.

control panel - windows updateThe easiest way is to use Windows Update. You just need to go the Control Panel and click Windows Update icon. Windows Update will check the list of updates that have been done or not and shows a list of updates that have not been done to you. Select Windows 7 Service Pack 1 by filling out the check boxes and let the process run automatically afterwards.

The second way is to use the online update. Through this way you will download a small file containing a variety of verification first before downloading SP 1 master installer file. If interested, please go to Microsoft Windows 7 online update page. Weakness using the online update is that you can not use it for another time.

The third way is the most I like is using the offline update. This way, you immediately download the master installer Windows 7 SP 1 and can be stored on a hard drive or other storage media for future use. Click download offline master installer 32bit Windows 7 SP 1 or download offline master installer 64bit Windows 7 SP 1.

The fourth step, perhaps a bit difficult and necessary permutations. Remastering your Windows 7 installer with RT Seven Lite. So that the Service Pack will be automatically installed when installing Windows 7. Because the last way is rather difficult and is done on the installation of new operating system, then I wrote above just 3 ways.

Why you need to update your Windows 7?

You need to do the update to refine and optimize the performance of the operating system that runs more stable and secure from unexpected attacks (viruses, hackers,etc).

Why the system was running slow after installing the service pack?

Sometimes the service pack brings a lot of small programs that enhance and complement the existing operating system that takes a lot of resources. That causes the computer feels a bit slow.


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