IrfanView: super light and fast image viewer freeware

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In fact it can also handle video and sound files, but in this case that stands out is its ability to handle images. At 4.27 version, with a capacity of 1.32 MB installer that is quite small. If you want speed in displaying the picture….. you should consider using IrfanView. Much faster than the Windows default picture viewer.

irfan view - image viewer

irfan view - image editingWant to try? Download IrfanView.

IrfanView developer also released a plugin that makes IrfanView has more capabilities. Find the plugins download link on left sidebar IrfanView website.

IrfanView Plugins official download.

See the picture on the left that shows some simple editing can be done. But with added plugin….. the more that can be done.

One is an interesting plugin RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool) which is usually used to reduce the capacity of pictures to be used on a website or blog so it appears faster but the image is not damaged.

irfanview - thumbnail view

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