Kerkythea: Freeware for 3D rendering

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Kerkythea is a free software that allows you to render 3-dimensional (3D) images. Once an image is rendered, will appear more life in accordance with the defined material. Lighting can also be arranged through this software so the results are apparent.

small house - drawed with Google SketcUp, rendered with KerkytheaImage on the left is created using Google SketchUp then rendered using Kerkythea.

Original images (not rendered) can be seen below.

The developer also developed a plugin that works to simplify its use when integrated with Google SketchUp. The name is SU2KT SketchUp Exporter РFreeware SketchUp Exporter to Kerkythea.

If this plugin is ready to use, just click “Export models to Kerkythea“‚Ķ.. will automatically run this software.

original Google SketchUp drawingAfter that, it can be rendered directly or made arrangements so that the result is better.

In addition to SketchUp, Kerkythea can also be integrated with 3dsmax and Blender.

Official website

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