KiwiG PhonTunes: free music transfer tool

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KiwiG PhonTunes is extraordinary and totally free music transfer tool.

KiwiG PhonTunes dedicated to providing users most reliable and cost-effective tools, World Only Free Music Transfer Tool. As an iTunes free alternative, it can perfectly transfer music from iOS devices to PC, restore entire iTunes library to local folder, migrate all playlist between iTunes and devices and manage cross multiple platforms-iOS/iTunes/Android/PC/External Disk.

KiwiG PhonTunes features

  • Intelligently transfer music files between all devices: iOS, Android, PC, iTunes and more
  • Perfectly handles transfer FROM or TO an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, computer, iTunes and other storage media
  • One click to sort all music files (stored in various devices or local folders) to iTunes library with Ratings, Date, etc.
  • Capable of moving an entire playlist or library from iTunes to iOS devices (currently supports iDevices only), or vice versa
  • Automatically identifies the duplicates for you to keep or remove

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KiwiG PhonTunes

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