Top 6 Software Development Services a Tech Agency Can Deliver to Your Business

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When you refer to a company that helps hire a dedicated team, you can get lost in the number of additional services they offer. That’s because the professional software development company goes beyond completing a simple task to find the right developer. To get prepared before meeting the agency representatives, we’ve created an overview of the solutions you can get from LemApp. 

Who we are

We’re LemApp, a Ukrainian tech company that serves as a tech partner to businesses worldwide. The geography of our clientele includes the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia. We can help you hire a dedicated team or find sole specialists to contribute to your project with their hard and soft skills. 

What we offer

Team Outreach

Hiring a dedicated team is our main service. In particular, we get from our clients the details of a software development task and search for top specialists to complete it fully. For example, you can ask us to find a specialist who can build a website or craft a mobile application for Google Play and Apple Store. On our part, we’ll get this person or offer a team of experts in development, design, and data analysis. 

Mobile Development

Our specialists can build a mobile application for your business. In detail, we make native apps (for Android and iOS), cross-platform elaborations (they work on several devices), and mobile web (hybrid and web apps that you can open in a web browser).   

UI/UX Design

Our expert team adopts user research, idea generation, and working on details to create appealing and effective interfaces. To represent your business this way, you can order web and desktop design, mobile app design, and redesign from us.

Custom Software Development

We create software specially designed for your needs. Among the services delivered in this dimension, you can request our conception, proof of concept, front-end and back-end development, QA and testing, DevOps and integration, and support and maintenance.

Web Development

We work with websites, web apps, Intranet and Extranet portals, single-page applications, eCommerce resources, and enterprise systems. Here, we deliver a full cycle of web development services, from R&D to launch and maintenance. 


We establish strong processes and optimize your operations. We will introduce this tool to your business through cross-review, auto-deploy, unit tests, and E2E tests.

If you’re interested in any of our services, feel free to contact us!

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