MacCleaning: EaseUS healthy disk management for Mac [GIVEAWAY]

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MacCleaning is EaseUS product that running on Mac Operating System to keep your disk healthy. MacCleaning classified in disk management tool.

EASEUS MacCleaning developed in two versions namely free and pro versions. Here EaseUS and work together to distribute 15 free licenses of MacCleaning Pro product. This tool runs as a menu bar that can be accessed easily, to do the following things:

  • Fast Clean up System Junks
    Clean every junks with fast: temporary files, log files, internet cache, and others.
  • Free Space Monitor
    This feature monitors in realtime the hard drive capacity and will give you a warning when touched below the specified threshold. I think this feature will be highly favored for the people who often work with large files such as a video editor, because the video files can spend hard drive capacity just in a split second.
  • Removable Device Monitor
    Serves to supervise the installation of portable devices for your vigilance. Viruses often use this medium to spread.
  • Disk Ejecter
    Safe eject button to disconnect every conected drive.

MacCleaning: EaseUS healthy disk management for Mac

MacCleaning: EaseUS healthy disk management for Mac


Free and Pro, diference?
All MacCleaning feature above are for the Pro, the free only can clean up junk files and real time monitor the disk space. But do not worry, here you can get one free license for the Pro.

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