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Based on my experience make email backup for company email is very important. Backup can make offline and online.

Company email typically use small capacity when compared with free email service providers on the internet. For comparison you can see GMail, Outlook, or Yahoo. I prefer online backups, but it doesn’t matter. The point is an email that contains information or important data is safe and easy to find. I currently use Windows Live Writer, so I use this software as an example.

First, offline backup.
With this way, you make email backup in your hard drive. I do not like this way because if something happens to your hard drive then everything will be lost. Follow the step on the image below to create backup in this way.

Windows Live Mail - make email backup

Second, online backup.

This requires a little trick. For new email arrives, you can take advantage of Auto-Forward feature but it can not be used on an old email. So you can consider this tip to make online email backup. The first to be prepared is email account where the backup placed. I prefer e-mail backups are put on GMail or Outlook, because it is easily integrated with Windows Live Mail.

The next step is to integrate the backup email account with Windows Live Mail. If you look at the picture below, there are numbered 1, 2, 3. Number 1 is the email that the company will be provisioned. Number 2 is the action that can be done, Move or Copy. Number 3 is backup email account. You can place the email in separate folder than existing or combined.

Remeber do Send/Receive action after that so that the synchronization process runs. Remember check the result from webmail interface so that sure with the results obtained. So that above process runs automatically, you can use the Rules feature.

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