Making creative interactive video tutorial

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In my post beforeā€¦ Are you interested in learning through interactive tutorials?, interactive video tutorial that is intended here required interaction from the audience when seeing the video tutorials that are presented like click the correct botton. If not do this, then tutorials can not continues.

How to create interactive video tutorial ???
Watch the sample below, interact and join with click the (next) button.

[SWF], 533, 400[/SWF]

You can create it with Adobe Captivate, Screen Flash, or also with other software like Camtasia.

I made it with Adobe Captivate. With the software… it makes catching images and movie directly and automatically at each step tutorials.

All motion made one image capture. Except if you do click and drag motion, then the video (frame) will be captured. If the image capture process has been completed, followed by adding useful information and navigation button. This program can also add various information about clicks, but sometimes not appropriate. So need to add your own.

If you use Screen Flash, image capture must be done manually. There are no jobs that can be done automatically with this software. You will need more time.

Adobe Captivate very expensive equipped with various facilities, far above the Screen Flash that are very simple.

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