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To make your Sony Ericsson (Soner) mobile phone looked beautiful… can be get with a custom theme. To make a theme for Sony… in offline mode… you need Themes Creator. It makes very simple and easy… Now we have a Themes Creator 4.16 version with auto matching feature that I like.

sony ericsson-themes creator-interface-vmancer

sony ericsson - themes creator - interface The picture show interface of Themes Creator 4.16…. advanced interface. This interface are show up with detail screen by screen and step by step.

Must select Sony Ericsson phone type at top right…

sony ericsson-themes creator-change phone type-vmancer

To change background… just click the import button and choose the image file that will be used with match size. For example… Soner K800 need 240 x 320 image size for background.

Follow that steps until last screen…

Attention… only fill image with the exact size, if different … will be good if you left it blank. Different size image will be used for highlight, status bar & hotkey, titles & tabs, and the other.

sony ericsson - themes creator - automatic colour scheme

If you want colouring… click that I mark with red circle at left image to show colour palette or directly type the colour code.

Until you finish the step… then save. Save file will use .thm extension. Transfer that file into your phone and apply….

How it look ???

Want to know the super fast making Sony Ericsson theme step ???

Change the interface to Wizzard.

sony ericsson-themes creator-toolbar-vmancer

sony ericsson-themes creator-wizard-vmancer

sony ericsson - themes creator-wizard

Small different interface….

This interface can be used image that in the phone. Look at the button, under the preview.

Auto matching feature will found in Colour scheme menu tab. This feature will automatically matching the theme colour with background image that used.

sony ericsson themes creator - automatic colour scheme

Do other customizing…, save the file, and transfer to your mobile phone.

If have a question, ask me please…


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