Mango Animation Maker [6-Month Enterprise Plan Giveaway]

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Create a new template or select one, add multimedia elements, animate your videos, then publish and share – this is what Mango Animation Maker is all about. The animation video software has the simplicity and everything you need to add magic to your videos. Distinct animation roles, text, music, animations, links, images, you’ve got it all from Mango Animation Maker. You can present your content with amazing voice-overs and narrations to make the videos more interactive.

Plenty of Flexible Tools

Mango Animation Maker has plenty of built-in tools. The drag and drop function lets you pick and place elements in the right place and sequence them properly so they can tell your viewers an engaging story. The infinite canvas helps you manage the video content from whole to part or from part to whole. You can also transfer scenes with very intuitive effects to enrich your video content.

With a user-friendly interface and plenty of media elements, Mango Animation Maker offers more than you could ask for in any animation maker. It certainly stands first on the list of the most intuitive and feature-rich animated video creators. It is easy and straightforward to navigate, and when stuck, the support team is available 24/7 – you just have to ask. When you create animated videos on this platform, you are assured of positive results on any channel. This is because Mango Animation Maker awakens the creativity in you.

Mango Animation Maker

Explore Your Video Options

The versatility of Mango Animation is admirable. You can make almost all types of videos from explainer videos, training videos, promo videos, character videos, and whiteboard videos. Mango Animation Maker caters to all users’ needs. With nothing but innovative tools in your hands, it becomes easy to wow your audience with stunning and sophisticated videos simplified with the right animation effects and expressions.

Mango Animation Maker saves you a lot of time, especially when you have multiple projects to work on. The pre-designed templates, themes, and backgrounds enable you to customize your creations quicker by adding a few elements to the already provided tools. With the lively camera settings available, you can express your points and amaze your audience with panning, zooming, and rotating effects. And the animation effects can do wonders when you want to animate your video content and tap into your viewers’ emotions.

Mango Animation Maker

Distribute Everywhere

Mango Animation Maker has some of the most flexible video distribution options that will see your projects getting shared offline and online on many different channels. After creating your videos or GIFs, you can publish and share them with your viewers on various social channels, through email, and more.

Using Mango Animation Maker is the most convenient way to market video content and increase conversion rates. The user-friendly animated video maker allows you to enrich your video content with rich media elements that make them digestible and engaging. It is the ideal software for creating animated videos with professional appeal.

Please watch a video made by Mango Animation Maker here:

Mango Animation Maker Giveaway Details

Mango Animate is giving away 6-month Enterprise plan for visitors of, you can get it without charge right here before August 31, 2020.

  1. Sign up for an Enterprise account of Mango AM for 6 months here:

    Mango Animation Maker
  2. Mango Animate will send you an activation email to your inbox. Click ACTIVATE ACCOUNT button in that email to activate your Enterprise account of Mango AM for 6 months.

    Mango Animation Maker

    If you don’t receive the email, please check your spam folder or resend it or try again with a different email address.

    Mango Animation Maker
  3. Download Mango AM to start creating your first video! Also, you can visit to download Mango AM.

    Mango Animation Maker
  4. After you download and install Mango AM on your computer, login your account, and hover over/click your name in the program, it will appear “Level: Enterprise”.

    Mango Animation Maker

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