Mediafire: 55GB free cloud storage capacity

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I’ve long been using MediaFire. The download was running quickly without waiting time so not to waste time. This is satisfying me for using it, and I think the others too. Upload can also be done easily.

MediaFire does not like Google Drive, it’s can accept variety of files extension. Yesterday, I received an email from MediaFire that containing upgrade offer.

The advantages offered are:

  • Ad-free sharing and downloads
  • 1TB+ of space
  • 10GB per file
  • Long-term storage
  • No captcha codes
  • Direct links to files
  • Download entire folders
  • FileDrop uploader
  • 100+ additional users
  • Fully customizable branding
  • Unique custom domain
  • Detailed download statistics
  • Detailed security log
  • Priority support

This time I get free capacity up to 55GB (learn how to increase your space for free from the picture below) and in my opinion it’s very huge. There are some limitations, namely a maximum capacity of 1 file is 200MB, fill captcha before download, and many ads off course.

mediafire - earn more space

Photo Gallery sharing

Like MegaCloud and Dropbox, you can using MediaFire as your online photo gallery. Can you imagine how many photo can store there?? with free of charge off course….. But MediaFire does not contain synchronization feature. You have to upload or download a file manually.

Further how the steps to make photo gallery.
First, all photos in the gallery should be uploaded in a single folder. After the upload is complete, click on the first photo (picture below).

mediafire - share photo gallery

You will see window like picture below. Find the share icon on top right as the number 2 shown below. Then click Share Gallery as the number 2 shown below.

mediafire - share photo gallery

Soon you will get a link that could be distributed to others.

Interesting??? Click here to sign up MediaFire account.
get share link of photo gallery

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