MegaCloud: free cloud online storage that give you 8+8GB

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MegaCloud is online data storage service provider  that gives you large capacity and at no charge.

Few days ago I saw an MegaCloud ad that containing the words  such as these. Free cloud online storage that give you 16GB with free. It’s fairly large space, and something makes me happy is that it can be obtained free of charge. With that much capacity you can create data backup of important documents and photos of memories without fear lack of space.

After registering, you will immediately receive that much capacity, but if you want to get more….. there are several things that must be done. See on the Bonus menu (picture 1st below). If you’re a student, you can get capacity of 28GB for free by registering student email (picture 2nd below).

MegaCloud - free online storage with cloud - get more capacity

MegaCloud - free online storage with cloudFeatures of MegaCloud

Always In-Sync

  • Instant synchronization across all devices.
  • MegaCloud will scan for changes made to your files and only upload those revisions.

Easy to Use

  • Seamlessly integrated into your operating system.
  • Instant and automatic file synchronization.

Simple to Share

  • Invite friends, family and co-workers to share your files and folders.
  • Support file sharing with non MegaCloud users.
  • Shared files are triggered to update instantly when changed so you and your friends always have the latest version.


  • Revisit and restore earlier versions of your files whenever you like.
  • Review and retrieve deleted files anytime.

Global Access

  • Access MegaCloud from anywhere in the world.
  • Browse, edit, view and even delete your files online.

Scalable Storage

  • Two massive accounts: 8GB for File Storage plus 8GB for Backup absolutely free.
  • Earn an extra 10GB by inviting your friends to MegaCloud.
  • Premium plans available to suit your storage needs.

Some interesting things with MegaCloud

  1. Alwasy Sync
    It’s like carrying your computer hard drive everywhere. You can access your account via computer and various mobile devices with applications that are already available.
  2. Desktop software can be useful as a data backup software and photo importer.
    See 3 pictures below. You can back up data based on the type or select the folders and files you want to back up. MegaCloud will read the whole thing quickly and automatically.
  3. Beyond my expectations, MegaCloud supports data backup for social media accounts.
    MegaCloud support: Twitter, GMail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and Instagram (last picture).

What do you think?
Interested in signing up? Just click here…..

You can use MegaCloud as online photo gallery. Find how on this page. The way steps are similar to Dropbox.

Similar service with huge free storage capacity: MediaFire.

MegaCloud - free online storage with cloud

MegaCloud - free online storage with cloud

MegaCloud - free online storage with cloud

MegaCloud - free online storage with cloud

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