Mi Browser: Easy to download video on social media

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I just try this internet browser app developed by Xiaomi, I’m using Mi 10T device.
This app growing rapidly and making it easier for me to download some interesting videos found especially on Facebook and Twitter. Very easy to use to download videos, even so I will show it here.

Mi Browser is a fast and secure full-featured web browser for mobile devices. Top performance and amazing user experience allow you to surf the web, use search, watch videos, shop online, and play games. Additional trendy features, such as downloading images and videos from social media, file management tools, and private folder, will have all your needs covered!

Mi Browser Features

Download videos from social media
You can download videos and images from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Mi Browser also lets you save WhatsApp statuses of your friends. Save all the important items and don’t worry about things getting lost.
Manage files
Manage videos, audio files, and images stored on your device. Add items intended for your eyes only to a private folder.
Browse content in other languages, select words and translate them instantly. This feature is currently supported in India, Indonesia, and Russia.
Incognito mode
Incognito mode allows you to browse the web safely and privately without leaving any search or browsing history. You can also turn on/off aggregated data-sharing under this mode.
Dark mode
Switch to the dark color scheme to boost visual experience.
Voice search
Find whatever you need by simply saying what you’re looking for.
All the standard features you need
Data saving options, Reading mode, and more.

OK, let’s see how Mi Browser works

I’m assuming that you are currently check the Facebook feed or Facebook Watch through Facebook Android app and find an interesting video that you want to download. The first step to do is find the 3-dots button on the top right.

Mi Browser - Easy to download video on social media
Mi Browser - Easy to download video on social media

Menu of options will appears, and then select Copy Link.
Open Mi Browser, and then paste the link that you just copy.

Another way that can be done is to directly use Mi Browser to check Facebook Feed or Facebook Watch. Remember to login your Facebook account.

Mi Browser - Easy to download video on social media

You will find a down arrow on the right which is a button to download videos. Click the download button and just wait until the video downloaded.

Mi Browser - Easy to download video on social media

Check in your notification and see the download progress.

Mi Browser - Easy to download video on social media

I try Mi Browser to check the Twitter Feed and found the download arrow icon too.
I hope you will share below in the comment of another website where this application can be used to download videos easily.

Mi Browser - Easy to download video on social media


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