Mi4i with MiUI7 vs Custom Rom

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Mi4i is one Xiaomi smartphone type marketed in Indonesia, which is where a lot of people give a good rating in terms of photography.

When Mi4i was launched at the first time, it’s using MiUI6 Android rom, then now you can upgrade to MiUI7 with current Stable Version 7.0.3. Details of specification you can check from GSMArena. This product experiencing overheating problems in the initial version according to the information resulting from Snapdragon 615 processor that is used.

Xiaomi Mi4i

After 2 months of using this smartphone, I began want to try other applications, and came to try using Custom Rom, then make some video capture from some of that. You can see below.

Carbon on Mi4i (custom rom)
[swf]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1hcIoEpyUc, 420, 315[/swf]

Resurrection Remix on Mi4i
[swf]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWZQpO8KpkM, 420, 315[/swf]

Mokee custom rom on Mi4i
[swf]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9av_G6n6HA, 420, 315[/swf]

Mi4i with MiUI7 vs Custom Rom

From this trial and error, I get few things:

  1. Battery
    Yes, MiUI7 most efficient. 1 time charge for 1 day.
    With Custom Rom above I need 2 times charge for a day.
    Update: today I get good visually result, but I don’t know this is valid or not. With Mokee + xthermal mod + Greenify, I get one time charge for a day.
  2. Camera app
    While the stock camera application is the best camera for Mi4i, but I think Oppo Camera can rival for auto mode. Other camera app I have try: Snapdragon Camera.
  3. Stock Android Lollipop appeareance are interesting.
  4. I like Ressurection Remix for more customization option, but like Mokee too.
    I have read polling that Mokee most recommended as daily driver.
  5. If you like Autorun feature on MiUI7, you need Greenify or other on Custom Rom.
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