Microsoft Mathematics 4.0: easy to learn mathematics

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Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 is software that developed by Microsoft, can be used to assist in studying mathematics, chemistry, and even physics. You….. who are studying math or math-related work will be greatly assisted by this software.

Take a look at some screenshots of the facilities available below.

Microsoft Mathematics - interface

The above picture shows the interface in general. There are two tabs, that are Worksheet and Graphing. I will discuss more on the Graphing.

Microsoft Mathematics - graph tool

To create a graph, enter the graphs function you want to create. You can make multiple charts on a Cartesian field. Here you can also create a graph that require space (axis x, y, z) or three dimensions.

Microsoft Mathematics - triangle solver

Are you having trouble with triangle? Try Triangle Solver tool. Just fill in the desired length of the triangle, will automatically appear the corners.

Microsoft Mathematics - formulas and equation - chemistryMicrosoft Mathematics - calculator pad

On tool Formula and Equations can also be found a collection of various formulas related to chemistry, physics, trigonometry, geometry, exponential, and others.


Microsoft Mathematics v4.0 32-bit
Microsoft Mathematics v4.0 64-bit



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