Microsoft Mathematics – making some graph on one cartesian

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microsoft mathematics - equations & functionsWho do not know about Microsoft Mathematics, please read article Microsoft Mathematics 4.0: easy to learn mathematics first.

Now, let’s make some graphs on a single Cartesian field using Microsoft Mathematics.

On the left, you will find Worksheet and Graph. You must be headed Graph to create graphs. After that, select the menu that is associated with the type of graph that will be created. As an example, I use Equations & Functions.

microsoft mathematics - graph functionSelect 2D and Cartesian to create 2-dimensional graphs in Cartesian field. Fill the graph function in the space provided. If you want to make more graphics, click add. If so, click the graph button. The charts are drawn automatically in the field provided on the next right.

Each graph function will be surrounded by a different color. Purple-colored graph functions will form a graph which is also purple.

microsoft mathematics - three graphs in one cartesian field

Somethings related :

microsoft mathematics - graph (4)Try towards to the Graph Controls. Click the play button (triangle) on the right trace.

It aims to find out the value of each point on the graph, as shown in the figure below.


microsoft mathematics - graph (5)

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