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Microsoft Office 2007 can not perform the file save format with PDF documents directly. It required a plug in (the addon) or similar software can use PDF writer.

Figure below indicates the ability of the existing save as PDF in Microsoft Office 2010.

microsoft office 2010 - save as PDF

There are two ways that can be used to obtain the PDF file format with Microsoft Office 2007, such as:

  1. Using a small and free software like doPDF, Cute PDF, and others, which work like a digital printer principled that produces a PDF document. Read more on article Easyly to making PDF document file.
  2. Install a patch or addon that has been prepared by Microsoft. It functions like save as PDF in Microsoft Office 2010. Download Save as PDF patch (addon) for Microsoft Office 2007.

Export as PDF on Open Office.

Save as PDF in Microsoft Office 2010 video tutorial

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