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Appcrash error on Microsoft Office Excel 2007 ussually appear on not updated Microsoft Office 2007 in computer (PC) that use Bluetooth. The bluetooh integration feature on Microsoft Office 2007 getting problem when used in Windows 7 PC operating system. Ussually laptop have bluetooth hardware on it.

error-appcrash-excell-microsoft office 2007-bluetooth integration featureNow….. How to resolve this problem?

In principle, this problem caused by bluetooh integration feature. To solve the problem are….. you can update the software or turn off the problematic feature.

Below I will show you how to turn of bluetooh integration feature with no need to update the software. Because updated the software need fast internet connection. Same with me….. have no fast internet connection.

First…… you must to open registry editor. Type regedit on Run (windows key + R).

Find this location…..

\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft \Office\Excel\Addins\BtOfficeIntegration.1

And search for this key entry….. LoadBehavior, and you will see the value = 3. Change the hexadecimal value into 0 and you will see 0×00000000(0) value.

Close regedit and restart your computer.


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