Superscript on Microsoft Office Excel 2007

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My boss confused how to make the unit square with symbols m2 where the number 2 is located a little ride on Microsoft Office Excel 2007. For other versions of Microsoft Office Excel, the principle is the same.

Microsoft Office Excel is one of the Microsoft products that are used for data processing in the form of figures and graphs (spreadsheet).

format font - superscript

How to make it ??? See the picture aboveā€¦..

  1. Selection number 2 and then right click
  2. Select Format Cells or with the shortcut keys Ctrl + 1
  3. After that fill in the check box on Superscript choice
  4. Confirm with OK. See the picture below for more clearly.

format font - superscript

Are you using Open Office ? See article Superscript on Open Office to do it.

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