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Minicreo Omni Remover used to clean up Sketch/Xcode caches, remove stubborn apps and put real-time monitor on macOS. Reclaim gigabytes of free storage on Mac in few clicks. Works in macOS 10.8 and later, and ready of macOS Mojave.

Minicreo Omni Remover features

  • Enhanced Sketch & Xcode Cache Cleaner
    Clear revision history for all (and only) Sketch/Xcode documents, which can potentially reclaim gigabytes of free space on your Mac
  • Get Rid of All App Leftover Files At a Go
    First click to find caches, cookies, leftover and 11 types of app junk. Second click to clean them up so as to reclaim a large amount of free storage (App Cached Files, App Saved Status, App Support Files, Preference Settings, App Log-in Items, App Dock Status)
  • Purge Your Mac of Stubborn & Useless App
    Choose Apps To Uninstall
    Scan App Junk Files
    Do Clean & Complete Uninstall
  • Elevate Your Mac with Smart App Monitoring
    Gives you real-time monitoring on all your app removal behaviors
  • Reset Any Mac App to Its Default Settings
    Best ways to reset your malfunctioning applications, repair corrupted app configuration files, and get things back to the right track again

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Minicreo Omni Remover - Sketch Cache Cleaning

Minicreo Omni Remover Giveaway

If you are interested get this software license with free (value USD 19.99) and original, please check the details below.

  • Register key of Minicreo Omni Remover Giveaway : 3QHY-A3OK-KGHJ-YQYY-KWBL
  • It is valid before August 20th, 2018.
    You can download the software from page link above.



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