MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free v8: recover deleted, formatted or lost data

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In this post we are going to introduce the free file recovery program MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition.

You have no way to deny the fact that we have already stepped into the digital era, in which data plays an irreplaceable role in people’s daily life and work. Believe it or not, most of us in current society are used to keeping important business and personal data into multimedia devices. If you have a working OS, you can recover deleted files, lost or damaged partitions, as well as media files with MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition
The interface

General features of MiniTool Power Data Recovery

  • Undelete Recovery
    “Undelete Recovery” is a wonderful module provided in MiniTool Power Data Recovery. It mainly works with deleted files & folders and allows users to “undelete” deleted files easily under guidance. By using this “Undelete Recovery” module, users could recover files deleted from Windows Recycle Bin or by using SHIFT+DELETE key. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is regarded as one of the best undelete recovery software since it has many advantages, such as high recovery rate, easy undelete file recovery operations and good compatibility. It supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS file systems and almost all common Windows operating systems. And it allows users to undelete deleted files from not only hard disk, but also flash drive, memory stick, memory card and flash card. Its free edition can help users recover 1GB data without paying even a cent.MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition
  • Lost Partition Recovery
    Lost Partition Recovery module provided by MiniTool Power Data Recovery is designed to recover data from lost/deleted partition on both local hard disks and removable devices. In general, if you cannot find out the partition you like to recover data from by using Damaged Partition Recovery module, you can try using Lost Partition Recovery. Choose this module and we can see the following interface:
    MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition
    In this clear interface, you need to select the device you like to recover data from, and then choose a scanning button.
    After scanning, you will be given detailed operating prompts. Just follow these instructions. For detailed steps, please see Lost Partition Recovery.
  • Damaged Partition Recovery
    Damaged Partition Recovery module is the most powerful data recovery module of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. It is designed to recover data from logically damaged, formatted and RAW partition. In general, lost files could be recovered by using this module as long as the partition exists. And also, it could give you more chance to recover lost/deleted files when Undelete Recovery is not working. Moreover, it recovers data from not only from hard disk partition but also from memory stick, memory card, flash drive, and so on.
    MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition
    And, Damaged Partition Recovery module supports MBR-style and GPT-style partition as well as Windows dynamic volumes including Simple Volume, Spanned Volume, Mirrored Volume, Striped Volume and RAID-5 volume.
  • Digital Media Recovery
    You should try this data recovery module first when you like to recover photo, music and video files from these digital media devices. No matter your memory card is formatted or the files is deleted. This data recovery module should be your first choice.MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition
  • CD/DVD Recovery
    CD/DVD Recovery module is the most easy-to-use CD/DVD data recovery tool that you could find on the internet. This data recovery module is designed to recover data from CD & DVD disk. It is designed specifically to recover lost and deleted files from damaged, scratched or defective CD and DVD disks. This data recovery module can recover files recorded by common CD/DVD writing software. It supports to recover data from all CD and DVD disc types (CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, and DVD-RW), and from quick formatted RW discs. It also supports disc recorded with UDF packet writing software: DirectCD, InCD, packetCD.MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal Edition is a good choice. If Windows can not boot, use Power Data Recovery Boot Disk to see whether you can find desired files.

There are new features of MiniTool Power Data Recovery 8.0

  • New interface with simple steps to recover data.
  • Improved the data recovery engine.
  • Speed up the scan process to find lost data more quickly.
  • Listed the found files during the scanning process.
  • Allowed to pause or stop the scan when you have found your needed files.
  • Allowed to save files while scanning to enhance data recovery efficiency.
  • Easy to recover the deleted files larger than 4gb in Win10.

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